Artvision360º is a Blog specialized in art that will immerse you in the nooks and crannies of it, with different points of view on the artists and their works. From the great masters, to the emerging ones and their peculiar methods of creation. All presented from the first person perspective by the participating and recognized art experts headed by Miguel Guía, creator of the project. Do not forget to visit our Video Library where we will upload content related to the trade, materials, techniques and concepts.


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March 6, 2019

7 websites about art that you will add to your favorites

7 websites about art that you will add to favorites In ArtVision360 we recommend you these 7 webs about Art…
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Contemporary Art
January 17, 2019

Art icons are turned into ‘Millennial’

Art icons are turned into ‘Millennial’ Vicent van Gogh drinking coffee or the Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes…
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