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El arte actual de Antony Gormley

The world of art is in bloom, we live at times of great proposals and great artists, today’s media, materials technologies, 3D, are making the current panorama of the art world, a cascade of ideas and proposals, I will try to leave you up-to-date with this section.

Let’s start with Antony Gormley

Actually this artist, is marking the way for many current artists, his proposals start from the creation of volumes, geometric, spheres, rods, etc … and end up trapping the human body inside.

Here is a good summary of his works:

As you can see at a glance this artist basis on a previous work of 3D design made with computer where his idea takes shape and then begins to work from small models with different supports which end up helping him to see his work grow.

Then in his workshop he surrounds himself with professionals in the reproduction of metals and other materials making the original works and editions in large formats a reality. It really is nice to see your team, meticulously materialising the ideas of the genius, I recommend a look at his website and his work.

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Currently, this artist is very much cited in the world of art galleries, and his exhibitions are expected with great curiosity. On his website you can see his upcoming exhibitions, and also photographs of past ones.

By his way of adapting his creations to the technological times that we live, Antony is considered to be  very relevant. He is known for being apt to adapting his creativity to the new technologies while not forgetting that “the art is the idea” . This artist, like in their days, Picasso, Andy Warhol etc.did, uses the technology available and the new materials and possibilities to create beautiful works of art, very suggestive and groundbreaking.

The working of the material and the air that surrounds and draws it, are equally as important in the balance of his works.

We will remain vigilant to his evolution and will keep you informed in upcoming articles.