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Art exhibition Madrid 2018 Miguel Guía

This exhibition of contemporary art in Madrid has turned out to be a success. In 2018, Miguel Guía surprised us once again with his works full of lyricism, which he has presented on his website. In the latter, in addition to talking about his works, he also allows us to access his workshop where he shows us his creative processes, while letting us glimpse what is currently being created.

exposicion de arte en madrid 2018 de miguel guia

In this new exhibition, the artist reveals two of his new works, “The NFL Abstraction” and “Zidane’s winning Goal“, both being part of his new collection “Three-dimensional Pixelization” and influenced by the London sculptor Antony Gormley. In these works, the force of the movement unite with a development of geometric volumes. Through this, the author achieves a totally innovative and impacting effect. We can, based on this, foresee what the future of his new creations will be.

Among the curious who came to the exhibition we encountered personalities from the art world with whom the sculptor could exchange views, points of view and talk about the trends in the art world. This being an event of such importance for the Madrid sculptor, the presence of renowned artists among the participants could not be disregarded.

exposicion de arte en madrid 2018 de miguel guia

All this without missing the opportunity to dedicate one of the rooms of the exhibition to show us some of his already recognized sculptural works, among which are the Essence of Youth, the Cubist Harlequin and the Cubist Horse of Guernica. In addition, the artist decided to move three of his paintings, Dreaming you (2007) and three-dimensional Cubist Harlequin (2014) and three-dimensional Cubist Menina (2003), with the aim of extending the duration of the exhibition.