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Damian Lechoszest Paintings by the Artist

Discover the Damian Lechoszest Paintings, the artist, Damian born in Raciborz, Poland in 1976, showed early interest in drawing.

Even as a child he copied several characters from comic books and stories. The drawings were so good that the people around him were shocked.

At the beginning of his school years, he participated in various art competitions. His paintings received prizes and praise from high-level art critics.

Her special talent for drawing was noted by the local art teacher at Baborów Primary School. He was also the first person to help her deepen her practical knowledge of oil painting. He taught this talented young man in his own private painting studio.

Damien graduated from Opole University of Technology in 2002. During his studies he took practical painting courses at the Opole College of Art.

Over the years, he improved not only his practical skills but also the theoretical foundations of art. His lively, analytical and curious mind tries to understand the impact of painting on the viewer.

He also tries to discern how the human eye reacts and registers visual stimuli, as well as how the human mind perceives the image as a whole. This is why he has studied the biology, psychology and physiology of vision, consulting his private library of almost 4,000 books.

The artist, his wife Ela and their two children Jasiek and Lukasz live in Baborow, a small town in southern Poland.