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Eduardo Chillida The abstract play of volumen and space

The abstract play of volumen and space by Eduardo Chillida inaugurates our blog o constructive art, where the material, form and space surrounding us take the main stage.  Eduardo Chillida, although his beginning are figurative, changes radically working in a forge and via his contact with iron.
Eduardo Chillida

Sculptor Eduardo Chillida

Chillida navigates since the beginning with the metal in creating spaces and volumes that break the air and create a solid and forceful beauty, the contemplation of any of his works leads us to this conclusion. In one of his best works the Comb of the Wind, a work that is situated in the rocks of the Cantabrian coast breaking its surroundings, the air around it, the bottom of the sea and the stones, creates an incredible atmosphere of transgressive beauty. We do not know why, but these forms of matter, twisted against their will and creating holes and masses that play with our vision, can create something so beautiful, but so is  the virtue of abstract art by Eduardo Chillida.

Sculptures abstract art by Eduardo Chillida

We experience the same kind of feeling when visiting the artist’s museum Chillida Leku, an environment where green prairies, trees, vegetation, living nature, contrasts and enhances the steel cut of the artist’s abstract works. The walk between them. Works of great dimensions leaves us a feeling of grandeur. These abstract works, brimming with shapes and geometric volumes, twisted and forceful, strike a creative proposal that binds together all other Basque artists of his times such as Oteiza. An era that opened a whole lot of artists who followed this path, deepening in abstract art and forms, new abstract artists, who keep alive the style and heritage of Eduardo Chillida, with new abstract works, handling the same concepts of forms and materials.

Chillida Leku

In other articles I will delve into more work by this great abstract artist and in other types of his works be it relief, drawing or engraving.