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Jaume Plensa Art Exhibition Invisibles parque del Retiro, Palacio de Cristal area

This art exhibition received the award ‘premio Velázquez 2013

Place and date

This art exhibition in the ‘Parque del Retiro’ is organized by the ‘Museo Reina Sofía in the ‘Palacio de Cristal’, not far away from the city hall of Madrid.

Anyone can enjoy this art exhibition until March 3rd, 2019.

Jaume Plensa

Jaume Plensa (Barcelona, 1955) is one of the emerging artists in the plastic arts, who has attracted great attention in recent years; we even dedicated a whole article in which we shared a brief introduction to his artworks.


We can recognize a significant resemblance with the original sculpture of Miguel Guía, sculptor from Madrid, called ‘Calma y Silencio’, one of the first artworks of realist sculpture by Miguel Guía, which he created around the year 2000/2001.

You can access and observe this artwork on the author’s web page. Moreover, you can even get one of them before the special limited edition of the artwork ends. This special limited edition was created for the Art Gallery BuySculpture by using a size and price highly accessible to the collectors who are always looking for something else.

If you are a true admirer of Plensa, you cannot miss this map that appears on his website, which shows all the artworks that he has exposed outdoors in public places. You can visit them any time throughout the globe.