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The Impressionism of Auguste Rodin. The incomplete magic of the unfinished impressionism.

In New York and Paris, I was able to enjoy the works of Auguste Rodin, at MoMa of NY I saw for the first time his sculptures, such as the great sculpture of Balzac which welcomes us at the entry to the hall.

Full of strength, manages to take us to a meeting with the writer via the unique character of this sculpture.

But it is in Rodin’s Museum in Paris, where I experienced a crush, seeing almost all of his works,  the steps of some of them, the unfinished works, enhanced by viewing some video of his chiseling, caused a great impact on me and, logically, on the impressionist sculpture at large.

In the garden, we are received by the great Rodin’s  Thinker, a striking work that gains much in direct contact. It is a display of contained force, has maximum expressiveness and is a perfect example that defines the Impressionism.

The Rodin’s Kiss is at the same level as Rodin’s Thinker. Alike the Thinker,  it gains much in direct contact, follows the same  expressive force. It is one of the sculptures that seem to be unfinished but that reflect all the intention of the sculpture and, on this occasion, the eternal love symbolized by the kiss.

Returning to the garden, we find the Citizens of Calais, which became my favorite work of Auguste Rodin. The ability to circle around that work made me discover with each step a new work, a sculptural composition that to me is the greatest achievement of Impressionist sculpture.

Hereunder, you can see a video of the great sculptor Auguste Rodin in a film coming from the origins of cinema, but being able to contemplate the artist is always a privilege. We see him strolling through his house/museum and chiseling marble directly, surrounded by his sculptures that seem to be watching him.

Another work that I didn’t know was the hand of God, the very fact of the creation of man at the hand of God, invokes the parallel to the hand of the sculptor creating his work. By this impressionist work the author, Auguste Rodin, represents the act of creation itself, a work that is full of poetry and lyricism surrounding us. Ana I was able to enjoy it inside this museum.

If you visit Paris, do not forget to visit this Museum as well.