The sensual cubist artworks of Alexander Archipenko

Alexander Archipenko

Alexander Archipenko is one of the forerunners of Cubism. By synthesising form from drawings he achieves a sculpture that draw for us an alternate reality. Geometric paintings leading to a sculptural space, playing once again the space that surrounds matter and matter that sketches the space.
He drank from the creativity of Paris, at the times when great artists like Picasso, Juan Gris, Delaunay etc. began to emerge …

Femme marchant

In this work “Femme marchant” of 1912, Alexander Archipenko, teaches us the way of cubism, a cubist sculpture without any commitment to reality, except the theorisation of a reality of forms, volumes, spaces and matter.

Alexander Archipenko Flacher Torso

In this cubist work by Alexander Archipenko, named “Flacher Torso” 1914, we can see another side of the cubist art of this artist. He takes the cubist sculpture to the limit of abstraction and geometric painting. A space that surrounds matter and a matter that fights to break out of its space, he obtains the perfect symbiosis between sensuality and geometry.

Floating Torso with Head

Another cubist sculpture of Archipenko, filled with sensuality, is based on geometric paintings in order to obtain a magnificent result, full of simplicity and cleanness of stroke, sculpture draws a perfect profile. Meanwhile this sculpture strives also to show a sensuality united by smoothed cubist features enhancing the geometry.

Archipenko is one of my favourite Cubist sculptors, due to his innovation, charisma and sculptural strength.

We will continue to show in other articles Archipenko’s works. His work are worth studying and contemplating in order to understand the era of discoveries in art. An era and artists that broke away from the molds and stereotypes of the old art. One of these transgressors is certainly Alexander Archipenko, who together with Juan Gris, Picasso, Delaunay etc., they managed to open new windows in the art world.

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