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Where to buy wooden sculptures

At Artvision360, believe we can help you choose, with the best selection to buy wood sculptures chosen in our trusted online gallery, the Buysculpture Art Gallery.

Sculpture " Big Infant Girl Air and Wood"

In this artwork, artist Miguel Guía turns to the famous theme of the Infant Girls by Velazquez. This time he is using CUBISM as a vehicle to simplify the forms and spaces, wrapping a desired outline with planes and lines… filling up the rythm of the forms and showing us the famous painting by Velazquez in a single glimpse. One time they asked Salvador Dalí: “what would be the thing you saved from the Prado Museum, if it burned and you would only be able to save one thing?”… and he responded: “The air and space which exists within the painting of the Infant Girls (Meninas) by Velazuez” This particular phrase inspired Miguel Guía when choosing a name for his sculpture.

Sculpture "Cubist Horse of Guernica Wood"

Inspired by Pablo Picasso, Miguel Guía captivates us with an incredibly powerful scream of a horse in the horror of war, which is also reflected in an unforgettable painting by Pablo Picasso “GUERNICA” which we can admire in the museum of the Queen Sofia in Madrid. The deaf scream of the horse reminds the injustice and the victims of any war, but as well as in the painting by Pablo Picasso, the pain of the horse is also transforming itself into a light of hope for the future (without forgetting the past).

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Sculpture "The Essence of Youth wood"

Miguel Guía opens with this artwork a new collection “ The Essence Collection” in which he intends to capture essence of each piece. As seen in this piece, although it seems incomplete, not whole, the essence is present in full and takes on beautiful and enigmatic aspects.

My intention for this collection was to show the essence of this, to present our capacity for retaining the main idea although we tend to miss a lot of details, a skill of our brain that allows us to see it complete without a problem, and retain all in the force behind the material of the sculpture.

Sculpture "Big Guitarist Arlequin Wood"

In this artwork, artist Miguel Guía turns to the cubistic forms to reflect the world of spaces and planes. The music has been a theme of CUBISTIC works by many famous artists… Juan Gris, Pablo Picasso, Jacques Lipchitz… Miguel Guía also chose this theme to pay tribute to the great masters of Cubism.

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